Friday, June 19, 2009

The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly

It's hard to say it and very rare but I do believe the sequel was better than the first! Although I was able to put the book down each night (reluctantly of course), it still captivated me to no end. You will fall in love with the new heroine and find yourself rooting for her as much as Fiona in The Tea Rose.

Winter Rose has a new heroine, India Jones, a doctor. Instead of taking up residence in the upper class neighborhoods of London, she heads to Whitechapel to help the poor. There she meets Sid Malone - the notorious crime lord. They end up falling in love even though India is engaged to the up and coming political "star" Freddie Lytton. Events change the paths for all three characters and we watch as their dreams are chattered one by one. Do not despair for this book has a very happy's the road that gets there that is the meat of this book and well worth the wait.

Fiona, Joe and Seamie are large parts of the book too. They have not been forgotten and will grab your heart as well.

I highly recommend this book as well and urge you to read The Tea Rose first. While you could figure out things on your own, it will make much more sense if they are read in order.

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