Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Second Mrs. Darcy by Elizabeth Aston

As you can see I am very happy with reading books by Mrs. Aston. She has a great way of bringing her characters to life while not traveling far from the Darcy’s. This was my third book in the Everything Austen Challenge.

Octavia Darcy was Mr. Darcy’s second wife – Christopher Darcy – a cousin of The Darcy’s. Upon his death she decides to head back to London to live with her step-family until her financial fate is deci

ded. In India she received some news of an unknown relative’s death and an inheritance that would solve all of her financial worries, for life.

Just when it seems her future is looking up, a snag in her hopes becomes known. We are revisited by the spiteful George Warren (From the Exploits and Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy), who is out to make Octavia’s life miserable while increasing his fortune. Luckily she has a very important man on her side, Lord Rutherford. Though they met on some very unreasonable and not so nice terms, he helps her through this match with Warren.

Again, the ending was expected but the twists and turns made it well worth the read. I was very satisfied with this book and would love to make it part of my home collection.


  1. This one looks intriguing as well!

  2. Thanks! I keep skipping Aston's books at the library because they don't contain my favourite characters but I think I might try them now.

  3. They are really good and the characters are very like-able...well most of them...The villains never are though :)

  4. I was looking over your 'Books to Read' list and it looks like we have very similar reading tastes! I love historical fiction of any kind and I am very intrigued by the Everything Austen Challenge. I love, love, love Jane Austen and I'm thinking about re-reading all of my favorites and now you've given me a list of new ones too! Great minds think alike!!!

  5. Amy,
    I'm so glad you told me about this blog. You are officially bookmarked! I can't wait to read some of these.