Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Darcy Connection by Elizabeth Aston

This was my second book in the Everything Austen challenge. In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth’s best friend marries a bishop and moves away. This book is about the two daughters that came from that marriage – Charlotte and Eliza.

Charlotte is invited to spend the season in London with her godmother, in hopes that she will find a suitable husband. Eliza is content to stay at her home, with her family, until an event happens that forces her

to accompany her sister to London.

As with most of the novels I have read my Mrs. Aston, the endings are very nearly the same but it’s the meat of the book that makes it so interesting. I knew what would happen but there are always some twists and turns that keep you guessing if it really WILL happen or if you will be left startled that something else did.

I was very happy with the ending if this book and looked forward to reading the next one on my list for this challenge.

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  1. glad to hear this was a good one. i'm adding it to my list.