Friday, June 19, 2009

The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly

This was an amazing book about a woman named Fiona Finnegan who grew up in the poor neighborhood of Whitechapel in East London. The story takes place as the notorious Jack the Ripper is running rampant on the streets of London. By the age of 18 Fiona loses most of the people she loved. When she unexpectedly comes into some money she makes her way to America, with her youngest brother, Seamie, where they begin a new life. In America we follow her as she becomes one of the wealthiest tea merchants in the world. As events unfold, she finds herself back in London facing ghosts from the past that she believed were gone forever.

This book is definitely rated among the top 10 books I have EVER read! I went through 500 pages in one night because I refused to put it down. I needed to find out if Joe and Fiona ended up together again. And….the end made me cry…that’s all I will say. It was so unexpected and amazing I almost laughed. Actually I did laugh a pure happy, excited laugh. It also was a great set up for the sequel, The Winter Rose. I HIGHLY recommend reading this book to anyone that loves historical fiction or a fabulous story line. My mom HATES history and she devoured this book in less than a week.

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