Friday, June 3, 2011

New York by Edward Rutherfurd

Wow this book was amazing! And long. But well worth the time it took to read it. I could have read it much faster but For 4 months I was in school and also reading history textbooks so that really slowed down the personal readings.

The book is all about the history of New York city. It is quite amazing I tell you. It starts off with the founding of the colonies and ends in 2009. He touches upon September 11th as well and I could feel my heart racing as I recalled those events on that day.

The story follows the leading family, the Master's, from beginning to end. There are also other families woven in there as well, the O'Donnells, the Caruso's, etc. Everyone having a part in the history and working on a piece of it as well.

I truly enjoyed this book and would love to read it again in a few years.

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