Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lamb, The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore

I absolutely LOVED this book!

I was a little nervous at first because it is referencing the Bible and Christ and I hate having religion thrown in my face.  But surprisingly it isn't like that.  It is funny, insightful and makes you view Jesus as a human being.  We see what he was like as a child and how he grew up to be the Messiah.  Of course this is fiction and you need to remember that when you are reading it.

If you are ubber Christian and take the Bible VERY seriously then I do not recommend this book.  However, if you are a believer and know the Bible but are open enough to have some fun with it, I would read it.

Some background on me...I am a Roman Catholic.  I am a believer in God and all that encompasses.  However, I am not a church goer and do not feel that I need to in order to be "saved" when it is my time to die.  I went to Catholic school, I have completed all the Sacraments available to me as of yet and I plan on dying a Catholic.  I know the Bible and the references were not lost on me in this book.

After reading this I have found myself wanting to go back and re-read the Bible.  At least parts of it anyhow.  Especially since the last time I actually did it was close to 20 years ago!!!!

All in all I highly recommend this book and will most definitely be reading it again...probably after my foray into the Bible.

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